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Terms & Conditions

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee is conditioned upon you returning the divorce papers to us signed & notarized by both spouses within 45 days of our issuing them to you. (This is to insure the documents are up-to-date so the court will accept them). We will keep your file open for 45 days after we send your divorce papers to you. If you do not return the divorce papers, with the notarized signatures of both spouses within 45 days, we will close your file and your account with

All fees charged by are earned when we send your divorce papers. Our $299 Fee will be refunded if we fail to obtain your divorce after you return your signed & notarized divorce papers back to us within 45 days of our issuing them to you.
When it is necessary to contact you, we will use your email address and (in some situations) your mailing address, or phone number associated with your account. If your email address, physical address, or phone number change during the divorce process please login to your account and update your information. If we are unable to reach you after three attempts your file will be closed.

TN Divorce Lawyer will not ask you for your password if we contact you. Do not disclose your password if asked by a caller claiming to represent TN Divorce Lawyer.

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